All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @PickardJE: May’s deal defeated by 58 votes, but it’s now the most popular option in Commons: May’s Deal 286 Second Referendum 268 Customs Union 264 Labour plan 237 Revocation 184 Common Market 2.0 188 No Deal 160 Malthouse B 139 EEA 65

RT @MrTCHarris: If the EU insist that they won’t renegotiate May’s deal - a deal that has been comprehensively rejected by parliament - they’re effectively choosing no deal over a deal.

RT @StandUp4Brexit: No deal planning has been put off again until after the meaningful vote. Given that, if May’s deal is defeated, this country will leave the EU without a deal, it’s dereliction of duty not to massively intensify planning for that outcome. #StandUp4Brexit…