All deleted tweets from politicians

Maiza Hameed (pakistan) tweeted :

Today’s #MuhammadRafis birthday by father’s favourite listening to of his songs “dakhi zamana ki yari “ #songs

RT @husainhaqqani: Today’s cartoon in ‘The Times’ (London)

RT @husainhaqqani: Today’s cartoon in ‘The Times’ (London)

Hina Butt (pakistan) tweeted :

My article in today’s Jang

RT @fjapakistani: Today’s best news. Farmer leader Mehar Sattar released…

RT @abidifactor: @ArfeenSyyed @DFSMQM No, won’t contest as independent. Dr. KMS has the right to issue or reject our tickets. In today’s me…

RT @Ali_MuhammadPTI: Today’s Khuli Katcheri Addressing public’s problems عوامی خدمت کے پانچ سال الحمدللّٰہ

RT @Ali_MuhammadPTI: Today’s Oath taking of INSAF LAWYERS forum New Cabinet Takthbhai Bar in my Halqa & also joining of two eminent lawyers…