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We said 👇Its in our hands & it’s our job. There’s no reason to finger point at PM. Politicians often have to make the difficult/unpalatable work-it’s how it goes!I want to deliver on Referendum,stop uncertainties & go forward positively.Its what the public (generally) expect!

RT @LabourWomensNet: Last task for your week- get tickets to the LWN Christmas Party! Our fabulous @AngelaRaynerMP says there’s a chance she’ll belt out a karaoke hit if enough drinks are forthcoming... we can do that! It’s fabulous, it’s feminist, it’s festive. Book now!…

RT @PaulJSweeney: Earlier this evening, Leadsom bravely insisting there’s ‘nothing unusual’ about today’s shenanagins in the Commons. Move along. Nothing to see here - only a desperate PM who’ll do anything to avoid MPs passing judgement on the dog’s breakfast she served up as her Brexit deal.

RT @Independent: The Leave campaign broke the rules – there’s the justification for a Final Say referendum, prime minister | @GeraintDaviesMP…

There’s less than a day to go until ballots close. Please don’t miss your chance to choose change. Vote #EM4FM before 12pm on Monday 3rd December! #ElectEluned #Labour #WelshLabour

We’ll keep re-education each other. But there’s much we need to unlearn about land ownership. The lessons we’ve been formally taught are all colonial in origin. They stem from a perspective of enslaving you. Till next time. Salute 😊

RT @KevinMorton1966: There’s clearly a younger generation of US citizens who want more social and economic freedom, not less. They’re more open state helping with healthcare to enlarge their freedom. That’s more a social democratic Labour agenda - not Stalinist Communism, as recreated in Venezuela.

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RT @ladyhaja: RT @ladyhaja: There’s been a lot of competition this year, but this has to be the greatest eye-roll of 2018.

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Australians have enormous respect for their veterans. But we know there’s more we can do to support them, & recognise their vital role and service to Australia. That’s why we’re developing the Australian Veterans’ Covenant, and rolling out new support measures for our veterans.🇦🇺

RT @GwynneMP: 📺 WATCH: We’ve lost 21,000 police officers across England since 2010 and yet there’s not a penny more for neigbourhood policing in #Budget2018