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RT @aviator1963: RT @aviator1963: @MichelleRempel You’re making a difference.......there’s lots of us that appreciate it and willing to help, whatever you n…

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There’s increasing evidence in foreign aid to suggest that unconditional cash transfers to ordinary citizens are one of the fairest, most cost-effective and most impactful ways to alleviate poverty and stimulate economic growth… via @nytimes

RT @Adam_Stirling: There’s no benefit to debating PR for the pro side because they’d only end up highlighting that nobody has any idea how the new system will actually be built. How many people know the all party committee is doing public consultation *after* the referendum? After. Why?…

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RT @CNN: Almost a year ago, Sen. John McCain spoke with CNN's Jake Tapper: "There’s two ways of looking at these things, and one of them is to celebrate. I am able to celebrate a wonderful life and I will be grateful for additional time that I have.”