All deleted tweets from politicians

So, sorry if you’re waiting for a response from me; we’re reaching out to the organisers to see if there’s a retrospective fix.

RT @nealrstewart: There’s going to be something really bleakly and bitterly ironic today if all these UKIP resignations prove to be more effective in changing that parties leadership than anything the ERG ever did

RT @EmmaMcInnes: RT @EmmaMcInnes: Love that at the end of the #arewethereyet women’s suffrage exhibition, there’s Kate and her lady bike gang.…

RT @UnitedVoiceQLD: XXXX workers make the beer, but there’s no party for them here. 140 years today, the workers have to stay away #xxxxqld #changetherules #ausunions

RT @Zafferology: RT @Zafferology: @stitchious @BantuHolomisa @City_Press There’s many things ANC said they won’t (@QuotesAnc)

RT @fletchersimon: Update: There’s a few more days of Movember. Thanks so much to all of you who’ve sponsored me. If you haven’t, and you feel like slinging me a few quid for this moustache lark, then here’s how to donate:

RT @Ned_Donovan: You all know the three lions on the shirt, but did you know there’s actually two additional lions and a peregrine falcon in the England team’s official coat of arms granted by the Crown in 1949

RT @ionafyfe: ❌Stop singer butchering Lady Gaga songs❌ There’s only tonight and tomorrow to vote for me as Scots Singer of the Year in the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards. Vote here: I promise I’ll stop with the Gaga.

RT @mark4leader: @Jules_John @MarkDrakeford Response from Mark: 1/2: Jules, you are right to highlight. There is a mention but there’s more to say. I’ve been very clear about my views on the ILF and the harmful impacts of benefits changes. The Fair Work Commission is currently examining how we improve access......

RT @goodtiger22: There’s a trend👍of picking up a few pieces of #litter at the beach 🏖well we’ve got another; pick up a few pieces in the parks😊.@KelvingrovePark .@peoplemakeGLA .@UofGlasgow .@SandraWhiteSNP