All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @KennardMatt: Where’s the @guardian’s Luke Harding? He hasn’t published a story for three weeks. Has he been put on gardening leave aft…

RT @unionsaustralia: The Liberals are taking a wildcat strike. Where’s the ROC?

RT @Robin_V21: I’m sad, angry and lost for words… He got the job for life. She got the trauma he caused her for life. Where’s the justice…

Where’s Dutton’s sling? #sicknotsick #auspol

@_Finn____ Where’s the lie tho

Hina Butt (pakistan) tweeted :

where’s it written in JIT report that Nawaz Sharif gave money 2 cook, driver & guard ?

Dr Julia Reid MEP (EU) retweeted @mrcfcw :

RT @mrcfcw: @GawainTowler @60sChick56 Where’s the 16 year olds who’s future is ruined ? #staggering

Where’s his 🍺

RT @JaneyGodley: “What did the post man chap the door with? A bath sponge? Where’s my Union Jack towel Amazon?” It’s a Ross Thomson voice…