All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @ZukisaniN: There’s nothing that motivates me like seeing programs that seek to develop and open opportunities like @Afri_PAHR . The future of SA Young Leaders is bright. @N_Kwankwa , we are learning Mkhuluwa, keep on moving.

@BirdsFlyYounger You can go to home affairs and apply for a new one. There’s still time. #GrowSouthAfrica

RT @MinAyandaDlodlo: I understand that there is a lot of anxiety on the story peddled by Mail&Guardian but there’s been no empirical evidence suggesting that we have too many public servants. No investigation/study has yielded any such information, therefore no plans to retrench. #womensmonth

RT @YesWeCrann: There’s a ‘Radebe Suite’ in the West Stand of Leeds United’s Elland Road stadium in Yorkshire. I’m not sure a lot of people in South Africa understand just how revered ‘The Chief’ is at #LUFC.