All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @DouglasCarswell: You have had two years to get on with preparing for our EU exit. You’ve catastrophically bungled it - and are now seeking to veto the referendum result, citing your own failure to prepare as the justification.…

RT @RichPolitical: @BrandonLewis You’ve had a massive breach of data, embarrassing when you want to register EU nationals via a smartphone app and propose to guard Northern Ireland border using technology. You and your party are an absolute joke. Resign.

RT @RupesOR: Barnstormer from @michaelgove right now in the Commons. Worth watching if you’ve missed it. Oratory too rarely seen in our public life. Up there with @hilarybennmp’s recent Syria speech.

Damien Moore MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Completely false! You’ve been offered countless meetings / offered help from my office and have declined them all for various reasons. NB. There’s more money in the NHS now than ever before and an additional £1.25 million for Southport A&E since I became MP in 2017 👍🏼

RT @James4Labour: You can’t say “this isn’t about Corbyn” when you’ve spent the last three years attacking Corbyn. We judge you on what you have shown us. You set the ‘Get Corbyn’ agenda. Not us. Sorry if we now don’t believe you when you do something that is so easily seen to undermine.

RT @Nape_MM: RT @Nape_MM: @MbalulaFikile you’ve been identified as a security risk ◽, I’ll defer your accreditation to the NAHAB Lekgotla…

THROW BACK You’ve got to cease the needs that disease with ease And lets get busy yoh with my gift Hah ha

RT @Owen_Riches: RT @Owen_Riches: And thank you for all you’ve done to promote #SafeStanding in 2018, @DrRosena.…

RT @Queen_Europe: RT @Queen_Europe: Who needs a backstop when you’ve got the Wales rugby team?

RT @thejimsmith: Simply rewrite the lyrics to be “You scumbag, you maggot, you’ve taped over Taggart”, thus both avoiding offence and retaining a mid 80s vibe.