All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @laurafleur: There’s a consensus of “don’t ask don’t tell” to hang on to current abortion rights in the UK @stellacreasy says. “NI has suffered the most as a result of that.”

Remind me again how we get an election? There’s probably a relationship between these two things but I just can’t quite get it.

Tonight’s vote shows there’s no support for Theresa May’s bad deal. Time now for Labour to embrace a People’s Vote and end this gridlock.

To summarise, there’s 1000 hours to go to Brexit, no deal in place, and we’re loading things onto ships today that may need to be destroyed when they get to their destination.…

There’s an odd Owen Jones tweet doing the rounds tonight. Let me try to unpick it. It's absolutely absurd to state, as he does, that I'm a bigot. I’ve never voted against same-sex marriage. This is pretty thin gruel.

RT @ChukaUmunna: There’s no time to mess about. People need a clear alternative to the chaos of the main parties: - a #PeoplesVote; - Remain on the ballot; and, - all our MPs supporting it, ...because no-one voted for this mess. No ifs or buts. No constructive ambiguity. The @TheIndGroup position

In the local elections today, I’ll be voting for candidates from parties that support a People’s Vote. There’s a good place to check this here:

@The_EA_Insider @carolhart79 Always happy to assist constituents in these matters, but if there’s a wider issue I can also look to see if can be raised in the appropriate way.

RT @labourirish: 🚨🚨🚨 There’s less than 90 minutes until MPs can vote for equality in the #NorthernIrelandBill 🚨🚨🚨 Call or email your MP NOW to support @ConorMcGinn’s NC1 for #equalmarriage and @stellacreasy’s NC10 on access abortion. #loveequality #thenorthisnext

RT @TulipSiddiq: As a teenager, I’d often look at the sea of all white, all male politicians on TV and tell myself that there’s no way I’d ever get to represent my home seat in Parliament. Then I’d see @HackneyAbbott & I would feel inspired, encouraged & hopeful.