All deleted tweets from politicians

Rebecca Harms (EU) retweeted @JHahnEU :

RT @JHahnEU: RT @JHahnEU: Regarding today’s news from #Kyiv I was reassured that illegal enrichment will remain a criminal offence.

RT @ronnieo147: Is this a common thread in today’s snooker? higher ranked players finding it difficult to adapt against players who play with nothing to lose and everything to gain, i think they should rename the welsh open, the graveyard open…

davidmcallister (EU) retweeted @tfajon :

RT @tfajon: Big uncertainty in the #UK ahead of today’s vote.People and businesses on both sides need clear answers on what happens next. More than 100 MEPs asked the British citizens to reconsider.Together we are stronger.Debating #Brexit with @davidmcallister on @euronews @TheProgressives

RT @IanMurrayMP: Following today’s farcical events by the Government, I have written with dozens of colleagues to ask Jeremy Corbyn to press a vote of no confidence this week and then go immediately for a @peoplesvote_uk