All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @adrianmasters84: So the last roll of the dice for Theresa May: she’s told Conservative MPs tonight that she will step down if they vote for her deal. The govt hopes to hold a third vote on her deal on Friday but has to overcome hurdles set by the Speaker.

Outside of everything today, I please give @ClaireRattee a follow. She’s an accomplished artist and small business owner, kick ass, an out Conservative candidate in Skeena-Bulkley Valley. She doesnt suffer fools and takes no prisoners. I’d love to see her as an MP.

RT @mazdaki: This woman is vile; she’s painting a target on the back of the #Ahmadi community, which is already in the jihadists’ crosshairs. #PakistanArmyTrolls…

PM gets so much stick but we’re now in 3rd hour of her statement this afternoon on #PoliticalDeclaration & she’s 80th question. That’s remarkable in itself - especially as there’s another 20 MPs still waiting to quiz her - but it’s also the 2nd time she’s done this in a week.

@nombonisogasa @PaulivW I think she’s in a fishing expedition and I said that in the email I sent her. She’s desperate and drowning I her own confusion and subjectivity. There it is: