All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @ChukaUmunna: There’s no time to mess about. People need a clear alternative to the chaos of the main parties: - a #PeoplesVote; - Remain on the ballot; and, - all our MPs supporting it, ...because no-one voted for this mess. No ifs or buts. No constructive ambiguity. The @TheIndGroup position

RT @DouglasCarswell: Remarkable to reflect that amid all these last minute negotiations with the EU and dark warnings, there’s a flat refusal to time-limit the backstop. The one ask that would ensure the deal was approved. Indicative of the purpose of the backstop - to bind us in.

RT @DouglasCarswell: If May doesn’t quit next week after losing MV3, I guess there’s a confidence motion. Hard to see why one should not vote against her government. Amazing collective failure of Cabinet in letting it get to this

RT @icyminewsuk: Care minister doesn’t know there’s no minimum staffing ratio for care homes; says she’ll look into it; then decides not to. Labour MP @alexsobel isn't happy

RT @VeroVero777: Our #PutitToThePeopleMarch will show MPs there’s a price to pay if they allow such a damaging Brexit. Campaigning is a mindset, don’t take no for an answer & be inspired by the words of Nelson Mandela: ‘Everything is impossible .. until we make it happen’…

RT @FflurGwen: There’s easily a thousand people here outside the #Senedd. The atmosphere is electric. This is our parliament and our rugby team. Long may they both prosper✊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 📷 @WelshRugbyUnion

RT @MiriamBrett: I can just imagine the conversation that led to this. “Put some hills or something in there. Yeah, there’s a hill. That’ll do. Nice and Scottish.” They could at least try to challenge the assumption that Scottish Labour is a branch office.…

RT @fletchersimon: Update: There’s a few more days of Movember. Thanks so much to all of you who’ve sponsored me. If you haven’t, and you feel like slinging me a few quid for this moustache lark, then here’s how to donate:

RT @salarzai_: If the Tribal areas are opened to tourists, there’s no place else they’d want to visit in Pakistan. Such is the beauty of the area.…

RT @ionafyfe: ❌Stop singer butchering Lady Gaga songs❌ There’s only tonight and tomorrow to vote for me as Scots Singer of the Year in the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards. Vote here: I promise I’ll stop with the Gaga.