All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @ranajunaid611: @hinaparvezbutt If someone knows #YumnaMubarak she’s emergency in agha khan #karachi hospital she’s in v critical condition ao let’s save a life for #YumnaMubarak if someone contact with her representative contact my given no: +923453591297

RT @PeterGrantMP: RT @PeterGrantMP: Breaking news from the prime minister’s trip to Strasbourg. She’s got a deal. £35 return with Ryanair.

RT @MichelleRempel: 3/ If “she’s in it for herself” and “equates to “she stood up and did the right thing” then way to go @Puglaas. Also, why are all the women and “male feminists” in this gender caucus and cabinet so silent in her defence? The accusations in this article are gendered af.

RT @WestBerksTories: Meet Ellen! She’s worked in #Thatcham for over 30 years and is standing as Conservative candidate to represent Thatcham West. #Conservatives #localelections2019 @RichardBenyonMP @NewburyToday

RT @lynbrownmp: Maryam Malji is five months old. She’s beautiful, and has SMA Type 1. She could have medicine now to lessen her suffering and prolong her life but @Biogen and @NICEcomms haven't agreed a price. Maryam needs Spinraza now - do the decent thing Biogen…

RT @RCorbettMEP: In saying she’s opposed to a #PeoplesVote , #TheresaMay is effectively saying to voters that they had their say 3 years ago, so must now shut up! Even though #Brexit is turning out to be very different from what voters were promised, it seems they must just lump it!

RT @LlyrPowell: It’s rather strange @NicolaSturgeon calling for another referendum when she’s yet to accept the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum or 2016 EU referendum.

RT @TehmoorKhalid: The legend @DawnButlerBrent SOS women and equalities giving a speech at @LabourBAME conference. She’s giving yet another brilliant speech! 🥳🥳

RT @SigiMideast: Karen Elliot House’s latest. She’s the former ⁦@WSJ⁩ publisher and knows 🇸🇦 well. She also knew #JamalKashoggi. This is a must read, reflective and balanced essay.…

RT @iamnathanme: Caroline is trending after #C4Brexit @CarolineLucas - she’s a credit to the @TheGreenParty, we need more Green MP’s and people like her in politics! 💚@jon_bartley @sianberry @Amelia_Womack