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Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary @uklabour Member of Parliament for Battersea Email: Call: 0207 924 1973


Dad - Member of Parliament - #Crawley - Vegetarian - Vexillologist. Enquiries? Please email: as I can’t guarantee seeing DMs/posts.

RT @NewYorker: Male fruit flies seek sexual release wherever they can find it. When they can’t, they drink alcohol:

No economic survey this year! This is what happens when you destroy institutional capacity and can’t retain talent!! #Howsthejobs #unemployment

RT @IpsaYadav: Why can’t television or any other media advertisement openly mention the word ‘menstruation’? What’s so wrong about it? It’s a natural bodily process!

RT @HappymonJacob: I can’t say for sure how well the Pakistani side is treating the captured Indian pilot. They say they are treating him well. But nobody in that country is publicly baying for his blood, at least I can’t see any. I like to BELIEVE that our popular reaction would have been same

RT @atti_cus: Here’s How Well-intentioned, Sane Media Allow Hatred To Flourish We’re doomed if even the best of us can’t find phrases better than ‘faux pas’, ‘controversial’ and others to describe Anantkumar Hegde’s hateful utterances, writes, @priyaramani Read:

RT @parrysingh: Retweeted this yesterday, retweeting this again. Can’t be a better example of how leadership and empathy go hand in hand.…

Dr. Misa Bharti (india) retweeted @Nidhi :

RT @Nidhi: Important clarification: the tax rebate announced by the Finance Minister is only a proposal right now, it can’t be passed until the July budget under whichever government comes to power.

RT @bainjal: Plus going by the collective responsibility of cabinet. If Jaitley is upset he should quit & then criticise. Can’t differ publicly with his own PM…

Sajad Lone (india) tweeted :

You can’t define journalism and journalists through the security prism. And stop people on the basis of adverse reports. Whatever falls in the ambit of civil as in civilian— is and has to be accepted. Civilian space is a scared territory in Kashmir. Please don’t constrict it.

Nivedith Alva (india) retweeted @barkhad :

RT @barkhad: BJP MP from Ladakh & MLA from Odisha resigned last month saying party had failed to keep its promises, so can’t face their electorates anymore Sushma Swaraj & Uma Bharti say won’t fight 2019 elections Seasoned BJP politicians have a message for @AmitShah and @narendramodi