All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @somizi: Hello everyone. Just to make u aware. There’s a few fake accounts on Facebook and instagram using my name. I have only 1 accoun…

@BirdsFlyYounger You can go to home affairs and apply for a new one. There’s still time. #GrowSouthAfrica

Remember the stats: 44 out of 10 people are disadvantaged in one way or another. In other words, there’s no one here.

There’s not much you can do once the train station. It must either leave you, or you get on it. The Economic Freedom Locomotive is leaving the station. Good luck with your choices. Time waits for no man #VoteEFF

One more time Sing a song There’s a power in our voices Hopeful and strong Years from now Somewhere down the line We’ll remember and we’ll all sing One more time - James Ingram Rest In Peace son of the Diaspora

RT @lupingcayisa: There’s no useless lot than those ones who get paid their monthly salary on the 15th.Those toddlers of Satan have gone i…

We’ll keep re-education each other. But there’s much we need to unlearn about land ownership. The lessons we’ve been formally taught are all colonial in origin. They stem from a perspective of enslaving you. Till next time. Salute 😊