All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @poolespast: Can’t help but peep whenever there’s a little bit of Poole being dug up - no obvious archaeology but interesting that the soil is so sandy. Did the shoreline used to be this far inland, or does this show that heathland came right down into modern-day Poole?

RT @DavidRutley: Have you responded to our consultation on creating greater protections for urban trees? There’s only one week left!……

RT @JSHeappey: Argh! People stand up & say House hasn’t had time to consider options. I call bullsh*t. There’s been hundreds upon hundreds of hours of Brexit debate. Those who say they’ve not had enough time mean that they want to string it out interminably in the hope of no Brexit at all.

RT @dwppressoffice: We see there’s been a lot of interest in our video about Charlie. We agree he seems almost too good to be true, but everything in the video is real.

There’s a negotiated agreement with EU to deliver on Referendum result MPs can choose to vote for or not. I’ll be voting for this deal with EU to deliver certainty for our both communities & our businesses. High time to move forward & focus on & DELIVER on our domestic agenda too

We said 👇Its in our hands & it’s our job. There’s no reason to finger point at PM. Politicians often have to make the difficult/unpalatable work-it’s how it goes!I want to deliver on Referendum,stop uncertainties & go forward positively.Its what the public (generally) expect!

📝 More local issues to follow up on after my surgery at Cults Library this afternoon. As always if there’s anything at all that I can do to help please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at any time 💻 📞 01224 592229