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RT @MustafaNaeem: Pak Sarzameen Party (#PSP) chief #MustafaKamal says if his party candidate wins today’s #byelection on Karachi’s #PS94 he will resolve the issues confronting the constituency within six months. #ARYNews @KamalPSP @AnisAhmedPSP @QureshiMuzammil @PSPPakistan @ARYNEWSOFFICIAL

RT @siasatpk: RT @siasatpk: Discussion of Today’s Hero Pilot Hassan Siddique with his Ex Senior

RT @ExpressPodcasts: Today’s episode of #TheTalkingBooks features Pakistani journalist, scholar and diplomat, Mr @husainhaqqani in conversation with @SushantSin. In association with @juggernautbooks Listen now:

Akhtar Mengal (pakistan) tweeted :

Today’s Speech in National Assembly | 12 Dec 2018 | 24 News HD via @YouTube

RT @asmashirazi: Info Minister @fawadchaudhry blasts on today’s add of PTI 100 days published in newspapers. Says it was without his consent, cost over 10 million. سو دن کی تکمیل پر اخبارات میں ایک سے سوا کروڑ روپے کے اشتہارات میری مخالفت کے باوجود دیے گئے، فواد چوہدری #FaislaAapKa

RT @RiazUmar: Constable Aamer Shaheed-today’s attack. Not the first one from the family. The journey of sacrifices goes on. #Karachi #ChineseConsulate #ChineseConsulateKarachiAttack