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RT @adrianmasters84: RT @adrianmasters84: I know think this was even more accurate a reflection of the end of today’s cabinet meeting.…

RT @Adamprice: Today’s Western Mail frontpage. According to the poll Plaid already leads Labour among those aged 54 and under. Welsh politics is on the cusp of change. Want to be part of it? Join Plaid today.

RT @williamnhutton: Today’s Bank of England warning about 1.2 % growth in 2019 just the beginning. Paucity of international trade deals post the transition, evisceration of manufacturing and frozen housing market will cast a pall for a decade - a shock to match the financial crisis which cost 15%GDP

RT @NoBrexitTories: RT @NoBrexitTories: Today’s Andrew Marr hostile interview of Shami Chakrabarti is a disgrace.

RT @Penybanc_Tigers: Today’s game is OFF with the @CefneithinRFC pitch falling foul of the weather! We have 50 Swedish underwear models watching the Wales game in the club later if anyone fancies it. 🏉🍺 🇸🇪👙🍺🏉