All deleted tweets from politicians

DEAR Mr President This is the most beautiful letter I’ve read this year. Sincerely Smitten Mbaweezy

RT @MYANC: “It’s not just talk. I’ve peeped the change ekasi lami.” Says South African internet star @FashNgobese. WATCH full interview #RegisterToVoteANC and #GrowSouthAfrica

I’ve been doing it, andiboniswa nto. Khaniyeke ukufaka uRajah nalapho kungekho sidingo ◽

Knowing you will do this nizama ukundigezela, I’ve disempowered you.

I’ve heard your cries - this evening, I am unblocking ALL. Of course, ALL has terms and conditions. #MbaksAmnesty

“Mr President, I’ve started a Thuma Mina campaign at School” #ThumaMina