All deleted tweets from politicians

Well done to Livingston Olympian, Elise Christie for speaking so openly about the anxiety and depression she’s faced. Hope articles like this can help us all further address stigma around mental health.…

Janice Atkinson (EU) replied to @Refugees :

@Refugees And the real reason she’s not allowed to play football with her brothers? It’s not because they’re in a camp. Clue: she’s female in a certain religion

RT @adrianmasters84: So the last roll of the dice for Theresa May: she’s told Conservative MPs tonight that she will step down if they vote for her deal. The govt hopes to hold a third vote on her deal on Friday but has to overcome hurdles set by the Speaker.

Outside of everything today, I please give @ClaireRattee a follow. She’s an accomplished artist and small business owner, kick ass, an out Conservative candidate in Skeena-Bulkley Valley. She doesnt suffer fools and takes no prisoners. I’d love to see her as an MP.

RT @mazdaki: This woman is vile; she’s painting a target on the back of the #Ahmadi community, which is already in the jihadists’ crosshairs. #PakistanArmyTrolls…