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Lead Conservative Regional Member of the Welsh Parliament (Formerly the National Assembly for Wales)

RT @Jan_Achakzai: RT @Jan_Achakzai: It is time to deseat both MNAs from Parliament for attacking the state. Stop being a banana state.…

RT @PakSarfrazbugti: An elected member of Parliament shamefully lie on floor of the house. Twisting History just to get few claps and praises. History remains the same even if some people try hard to change it for their vested interests. @jam_kamal

RT @EuropeElects: EU28: The current seat projection for the European Parliament shows that the only feasible majority against the EPP can be achieved if GUE/NGL, Greens/EFA, ALDE/R, S&D, and another 11 MEPs (e.g. M5S) unite. Difficult in terms of ideology. #EP2019 Details:

RT @NZParliament: Tālofa lava! In celebration of #SamoanLanguageWeek / Vaiasa o le gagana Samoa, Agnes Loheni MP recited today's parliamentary prayer in Samoan. #nzpol #SamoaLanguageWeek #gaganasamoa

RT @catalannews: #BREAKING Exiled leaders Puigdemont and Comín, and jailed official Junqueras, get seats in EU parliament as EU election results in Catalonia are out (95% counted)

@AngelaJerusalem I am hoping to never-elected and return to the European Parliament in order to continue my job defending @Jahalin & other minorities who don’t have a voice - NW England results due at about 1am Monday

RT @LiamByrneMP: Parliament has declared a #ClimateEmergency. So we brought citizens to together for an Assembly to agree our 10 principles for a Green New Deal for the West Midlands. Please read and share the full report:…

If I am returned to the European Parliament, I will concentrate on making sure that Brexit happens in a swift and orderly way, and that it becomes a springboard to a more competitive, more enterprising and more global Britain. Polls are open till 10.00pm.

RT @RafHM: @foreignoffice @RitaUNHR Well, @RitaUNHR, 17.4 million people in the UK are currently unrepresented by Parliament. Ask @Jeremy_Hunt Can you represent them? To quote Dr David Starkey on our #SWYSI show last week: "[it's] the 1st time that Parl has consciously reversed the notion of representation."

RT @harryph: .@DanielJHannan:"The EU has created all of the institutions of statehood - a president, a parliament, a currency, a supreme court, an external border, an anthem, a flag -without any sustaining sense of common identity. So you have a state without a nation."…