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RT @AbbieWightwick: Staying in school or training until 18 might help cut young suicide says ⁦@lynne_neagle⁩ in today’s Western Mail Education Wales pages ⁦⁦@PAPYRUS_tweets⁩ #mentalhealthawareness@WalesOnline⁩@WelshYouthParl⁩

RT @COLRICHARDKEMP: UN leaps onto the bandwagon attacking British troops. My comments in today’s Sun. “We don’t need to be lectured by point-scoring committees at the UN. They should focus on the many countries that murder and torture.”…

RT @JosephDaul: #Fidesz will be suspended with immediate effect and until further notice following today’s vote of EPP members (190 in favour, 3 against). The suspension entails: ▪No attendance at any party meeting ▪No voting rights ▪No right to propose candidates for posts

RT @ZayZee00: Today’s session provided by Google in #Thamesmead First steps online Spreadsheets for beginners An introduction to digital advertising Stay safe online in 2019 @tpearce003 @Google @PeabodyLDN @ThamesmeadLDN

Paul Tang (EU) retweeted @MuslimIQ :

RT @MuslimIQ: Today’s tea: ) ) ) ) ( ) ) ) _(___(____)____(___(__ (___ \ Jeff Bezos could end/__ \ homelessness in / | \ USA & still be the/____| \ world’s richest / \ person / \____________/