All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @tcosoleto: Disadvantaged people in Bendigo will now have a new support hub thanks to more than $100,000 in community donations @BgoAddy…

RT @agescotland: 100,000 older people in Scotland say they feel lonely all or most of the time. That’s at least one person on every Scottish street. This has to change. We’re delighted that all of the political parties in the Scottish Parliament have come together to commit to beating loneliness.

RT @JacotheNorth: @neiljmcevoy @TheWallich CEO is on £100,000+ When I asked @WelshGovernment I was told there are 48 homelessness organisations. It's a business. Homelessness can't be 'solved' because too many people with political influence in @WelshLabour would lose their jobs.