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Kiri Allan (unknown) tweeted :

EOLC Bill Thread 1/3 We have all received a lot of engagement on the EOLC Bill. It is a conscience vote and I’ve found it difficult to form a view for the second reading tonight.

Kiri Allan (unknown) replied to @KiriAllan :

2/3 After reading many articles & discussions w many people I’ve decided I will be voting against the Bill before the House as I am not satisfied in the protections currently in the Bill to support vulnerable people.

I’ve woken up the PRASA Board Chairperson and the EXECO at the Department of Transport, I wanted them to come with me to explain to our people why our train service here in Khayelitsha and other areas is what is is. I will share how working with them we will address that.

James Frith MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

The two interested party’s I’ve spoken to confirmed to me yesterday that they’ll guarantee an interview to all current members of staff at the club. #UTS

RT @zsaul1: Is there a resemblance here? Just today a white boy called her mom to come and meet with Seal. I’ve encountered this in the cou…

I’ve been told I can use overly academic language at times regarding cannabis reform. So here’s a meme I was tagged in:

@WaltWhi68512022 @BBCPolitics I’ve voted three tones to exit the EU!

Clive Lewis MP (Labour) tweeted :

Like I’ve always said, for the @LibDems to claim to be the Party of ‘anti/brexit’ is akin

@tangowhiskey2 @CyaraBird @CPC_HQ And, for being the first person since I got married (that I’ve seen) to imply that my husband controls my brain when it comes to policy making, you earn a block. Let the record show this comment came from a leftist.

I’ve written to @sajidjavid demanding answers & action on the detention of children at #Dungavel after he dodged questions from me in @houseofcommons following on from excellent investigative work by @LindaFabianiSNP -…