All deleted tweets from politicians

Daniel Hannan (unknown) retweeted @UJS_UK :

RT @UJS_UK: “I have some Jewish friends, very good friends. They are not like the other Jews, that’s why they are my friends"- Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad at the Cambridge Union last night. The audience laughs. Freedom of speech is not a joke when it incites hatred against one people.

RT @sixthformpoet: I explained and she said ok that’s weird but quite sweet. I said thanks, yes it is a bit weird and oh god I ASKED HER OUT FOR A DRINK. Incredibly, she said yes. Two years later she said yes again when I asked her to marry me because that is how I met my wife. [END]

RT @Lindy_Cameron: So that’s it. DG Country Programmes has left the building. The most amazing 3.5yrs. Extraordinary people ending global poverty and making life better for those who need it most. A fantastic diverse team. Thanks for the memories. Au revoir @DFID_UK. I hope to be back...

RT @KanoaLloyd: When I learned these tees are for sale in NZ I felt sad. But I realised that’s the point of them- to shock & hurt. Obviously it’s ok to be white! It’s ok to be any colour at all! It’s not ok to be racist, violent or hateful. So I’m wearing this tee with love #givenothingtoracism

Dan Carden MP (UKMPs) retweeted @UKLabour :

RT @UKLabour: The collapse of British Steel would be devastating for workers in Scunthorpe and a huge loss for British industry. That’s why we’ve told the government that if a deal can’t be agreed, it must prepare to take British Steel into public ownership to protect thousands of jobs.

RT @Ashleyfoxmep: My postal vote and election address from @Conservatives arrive in the same post. That’s good organisation (and a bit of luck 😉).

RT @sussanley: @Mack4Farrer Buybacks of water have paused. That’s the whole point. Are you also walking away from @TolarnoStation’s endorsement of you? (3200 gl Plan with buyback for the environment in SA.)

RT @rinmor: Hi @Newzroom405 you do realize that’s there’s been an act of local terrorism in Durban ... bombed/sabotaged water reservoir ... you should be onto it

RT @avilewis: It’s been so hard to keep this a secret!!! @AOC it has been an incredible honour (that’s Canadian) to work with you.…