All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @labourirish: 🚨🚨🚨 There’s less than 90 minutes until MPs can vote for equality in the #NorthernIrelandBill 🚨🚨🚨 Call or email your MP NOW to support @ConorMcGinn’s NC1 for #equalmarriage and @stellacreasy’s NC10 on access abortion. #loveequality #thenorthisnext

Lord Kirkhope (EU) tweeted :

@anthea_mcintyre But I’m surprised the neighbours didn’t complain, and there’s nothing about it on the fron page of the newspapers this morning!!

@WayneThring @RevMeshoe @sindane3 @eNCA He endorses a racist warmongering parish Apartheid Israel. There’s a place for such people when they leave this earthly life.

RT @johnmcdonnellMP: Can’t hide from hit we took last night.Bringing people together when there’s such a divide was never going to be easy. Now we face prospect of Brexiteer extremist as Tory leader & threat of no deal, we must unite our party & country by taking issue back to people in a public vote

Bob Rae (unknown) retweeted @lvandenassum :

RT @lvandenassum: #Myanmar: Grandi said that until government resolves the problem of citizenship & freedom of movement, there’s little chance that refugees from northern Rakhine now living in cramped camps in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh will agree to return home voluntarily…

@CraigYates There’s lot of shouting and efling! Lol ◽

RT @GaryLineker: As soon as there’s a question he doesn’t like, he attacks the BBC thus avoiding having to answer. He’s devious, dangerous and dishonest but he ain’t daft.…

@daranhill Jeez Wales, 40-odd completely knackered holding these guys to account day in, day out, knowing there’s more evidence they could get if there were more hours in the day. Know how frustrating it is when WG won’t accept they’re accountable. Media: report more Opposition scrutiny

There’s been a long list of scandals surrounding the managment of the Murray-Darling: Water theft, mismanagement, millions of dead fish, corruption & cuts the environmental water. Needs a clean up. Needs a Royal Commission

@alysgriffiths_ @WoodallDr There’s some at home for you ◽