All deleted tweets from politicians

Halystan (troll? estonia) retweeted @Bones4L :

RT @Bones4L: RT @Bones4L: Damn she’s seriously trying to kill us with these photos . She’s so damn adorable ◽◽

Laura Pidcock MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Spoke to @JennieFormby last night about @DurhamGala. She’s gutted to be missing it, in large part because of cancer treatment. She went to the NEC though. That’s how dedicated she is. When she says she’s already offered @tom_watson the information he says he wants, I 💯 trust her

Jo isn’t just the right choice our party, she’s right for our country:… @joswinson #JoinJo

@lotharmat @MForstater @Moonie_l @labour @LabourStudents She’s the Labour Students’ Women’s Officer. I wouldn’t use abusive language on Twitter but it wouldn’t be fair to comment on the exchange on the basis of one tweet - clearly there’s a context I’m not familiar with.

Fadden campaign launched! Get behind Luz Stanton for @AustralianLabor to beat Stuart Robert. She’s worked in higher ed, un acting and she even pays her internet bills.

@JimKerr1973 She’s not a racist, I am happy to vouch for that in my dealings with her.

RT @wallaceme: RT @wallaceme: She’s done that thing again. #nothingnew #trollingthelobby

RT @DouglasCarswell: To be honest, I don’t blame May any more. She’s clearly not up to the job. I blame those that know she’s not up to it, but who sit on their hands. The 1922, the Cabinet ....…

RT @PaulJSweeney: We’ve got into this mess because of Theresa May. She’s spent the last two years talking at Parliament and, despite not winning an outright mandate at the General Election, refused to seek any kind of compromise.