All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @SamanthaPippin7: @georgegalloway @Phraortes There’s definitely something fishy about this. What’s @theresa_may hiding? Why is she against a police investigation? This stinks to high heaven......

There’s not much you can trust the SNP with!

Ged Killen (UKMPs) retweeted @OwenJones84 :

RT @OwenJones84: A plea to straight, cisgender allies. There’s an obviously growing anti-LGBTQ backlash currently taking place. Please speak out…

@ayeshahazarika @tnewtondunn @SkyNews I hope there’s air con! ◽◽

RT @Matt_B_Tyler: “Restores our nations finances without increasing taxes”.... so, there’s cuts to expenditure... there’s only 3 levers @JoshFrydenberg - standard Coalition looking out for the big end of town #nofreelunch #budget

RT @patvaryzindabad: Click to open the picture. @mosharrafzaidi raises an important point, but at this point I do wonder if there’s any point in offering PTI advice. Are they even listening? All their politics which used to be a mix of hope and hate, are now devoid of hope and full of only hate.…

RT @MarkFoxNews: There’s a great deal of comment on #NotreDame as a tourist destination, cultural centre, historic jewel - all true. Above all however it is a great Cathedral of living worship and witness of Catholic Christian faith - faith which will survive and thrive. #HolyWeek #Paris

In the local elections today, I’ll be voting for candidates from parties that support a People’s Vote. There’s a good place to check this here:

@The_EA_Insider @carolhart79 Always happy to assist constituents in these matters, but if there’s a wider issue I can also look to see if can be raised in the appropriate way.

RT @DouglasCarswell: Remarkable to reflect that amid all these last minute negotiations with the EU and dark warnings, there’s a flat refusal to time-limit the backstop. The one ask that would ensure the deal was approved. Indicative of the purpose of the backstop - to bind us in.