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RT @TheIndGroup: "How dare she? She’s the Prime Minister of the country! You do not put your political party first." On @itvpeston last night, @heidiallen75 and former Number 10 strategist @mrchriswilkins discussed divisions in the Tory party over #Brexit.

RT @tarajaneoreilly: RT @tarajaneoreilly: Also can we get @JadeFrancesAzim over the 10k followers mark? She’s 15 away and it’s stressing me tf out x

RT @UN: RT @UN: She’s our one and only planet. On #EarthDay and every day, let’s treat her better.

RT @DavidParis: She’s had 20 years of unfettered platforms and millions of dollars worth of free publicity and it’s about time you media monsters gave her a fair go imo…

RT @helenlewis: I would add that she’s now being deluged with abuse for raising this issue - as I was over the weekend for doing the same. We’re doing our jobs, which involve having a thick skin, but this intimidation is putting innumerable other women off participating in the public sphere.

RT @JayDown9: RT @JayDown9: @phil_tri @ThangamMP @UKLabour Yes we will remember she’s a fantastic mp and reward her with another four years!!!

RT @KieranReape: Have I missed something? BBC asked the PM if she’s going to resign if the bill is defeated and PM responding saying that was last weeks news & she’s already discussed with the party chairman. Surely it is the people that should be told as a matter of urgency, not her chairman

Best wishes to everyone getting results today. #gcseresultsday2019. Just got our daughter’s results, she’s done superbly well despite having some challenges, #prouddad 😀.

RT @samiakhan183: If you haven’t met @NJLahori yet YOU MUST! She’s such a great energy to surround yourself with! And of course the two gentlemen! Thanks for your time out too! @yarjan_baloch @fkkundi