All deleted tweets from politicians

Ged Killen (UKMPs) replied to @MarkBarry67 :

@MarkBarry67 We have a population of about 100,000 in Rutherglen and Hamilton West. I haven’t met everyone, but don’t be stranger ◽

Damien Moore MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Pleased that @seftoncouncil will be awarded £100,000 from the government’s Air Quality Grant. I hope the money is used in a way which provides real benefits to Southport residents and contributes to tackling this issue nationally 🌍 ♻️

RT @Dr_Dan_1: We have passed 100,000 signatures - we will get a @HoCpetitions parliamentary debate! A massive THANK YOU for every signature, every share, and everyone who supports #PetTheftReform x…

RT @DefraGovUK: #DidYouKnow that 100,000 tonnes of edible food is wasted each year in the UK by retail and food manufacturers? @Company_Shop are one of our four food waste fund winners who are creating a solution for this surplus 🧀🥕🍞 Learn more:…

Your Lib Dem + Labour run Council is wasting £100,000+ of your money on an elephant sculpture on a roundabout Tomorrow is your chance to elect a new council that will start to turn our town around by investing in it, not wasting your money on vanity projects. Vote conservative