All deleted tweets from politicians

There’s a new way to help fight COVID in Scotland. ‘Protect Scotland’ - our confidential contact tracing app - will anonymously notify app users you’ve been in close contact with, should you test positive. Please download, and let’s all protect Scotland…

There’s a mountain of evidence now that prevalence is lower in Scotland than England. The statistic quoted is questionable, because the UK gov have not published the numbers for England. Incredible to see the Scottish Tories actually raging that Scotland is doing well.

This is a really misleading headline. There’s no opposition to providing free sanitary products - certainly not from @scotgov who are leading the way on this. The issue for us is simply whether legislation is needed to achieve it.

📚 I do like @Beathhigh - but just to prove there’s no favouritism when it comes to my favourite Scottish writers 😂...there’s lots of @valmcdermid @cbrookmyre Ali Smith, Iain Banks, Muriel Spark etc too. @BookWeekScot

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@sistersurxang Hi, we do and there’s a big one that I see about too.

👇No, PM. Whether there’s a catastrophic no-deal Brexit or not is purely your responsibility and the fault of your party’s red lines - the EU / “partners across the Channel” have already compromised.

Great to see Andy Murray make a winning return to tennis today. Hete’s hoping there’s lots more to come. #MurrayMagic @QueensTennis