All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @bfawu1: We as @UKLabour affiliate do not welcome today’s announcement and do not agree with the reduction of the 2 meter guidance it’s likely that this decision will put our members lives and and that of their families at risk. Profit before people

RT @MatthewHootonNZ: After today’s #roading announcements, do #climatechange activists now finally understand that when any govt sets up a “commission” it is because they don’t want to do anything about the issue the commission is meant to address, but just want to look like they are? #nzpol

RT @EdelmanCanada: May 15th: Today’s edition of Edelman Canada’s provincial summary. For the full briefing please download it here:

RT @Austen: In 1971 tuition, room and board at the average US university was $18,140 (in today’s dollars). Today it’s $48,150. Almost all of the increase in spending has gone to huge administrative salary + pensions and enormously expensive facilities. You can’t reverse those.

RT @NiallSF: I want to again commend @EmmandJDeSouza following today’s news - it’s is no doubt important. 👏🏼 The definitive and ultimate resolution to the issues raised in Emma and Jake’s case is respect for, adherence to and the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.

RT @BrugesGroup: To use the left’s own criteria, today’s result means that the Labour Party remains the only major party in British politics never to have elected a female leader. That’s how this works, right? 😉

RT @disruptivesigna: RT @disruptivesigna: "Don’t Miss Today’s Episode of George Galloway’s Mother of All Talk Shows"… #eurasia #feedly @g…

RT @karlmsteel: @georgegalloway Agreed, only today’s rag tag collection of parliamentarians could turn a 1 off Saturday in work akin to storming the beaches of Normandy and then have the brass neck to want compensation.

RT @SaketGokhale: Today’s firing was a planned act by Amit Shah to remove protestors. Chronology samjhiye: He tried it at Shaheen Bagh 2 days ago by sending gunmen. He got it done at Jamia today. Meanwhile he also fed “reports” of how protests are “polarizing people”. Textbook Maanyavar.

RT @ABVPVoice: Today’s Press Conference by Delhi Police has asserted what we have been saying since JNU violence erupted - that it is the #LeftBehindJNUViolence!