All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @stefanhoggan: Tom Wills has a clear message, #VoteSNP on August 29th and get a fairer more prosperous Shetland that works for everyone 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺 #TideIsTurning

RT @stefanhoggan: RT @stefanhoggan: Shetland we have arrived ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ #VoteSNP #VoteTom

RT @stefanhoggan: RT @stefanhoggan: On my way Shetland, see you soon @tprwills ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ #ShetlandByElection #VoteSNP #VoteTom

RT @KintyreSnp: RT @KintyreSnp: This is going to be slap bang in the middle of Campbeltown or a wee while #VoteSNP

RT @tprwills: RT @tprwills: Sun is shining on Lerwick this morning! ◽◽ #VoteTomWills #VoteSNP

RT @fultonsnp: My personal message asking everyone to please go out and use your vote. You have until 10pm tonight. #VoteSNP @theSNP