All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @MattGarrahan: Zanny Minton Bedoes rare voice of sanity (and clarity) on #BBCQT: the Tories can say the NHS isn't on the table for US trade negotiations all they want - but if it's not, the UK can kiss goodbye to a US trade deal

RT @MammothWhale: RT @MammothWhale: Watching Nicola Sturgeon on #bbcqt really makes you proud that she's our First Minister. Down to earth, compassionate and…

RT @seantduffy: Sturgeon confirms that she would prioritise an independence referendum over ending austerity #bbcqt. Sheffield audience clearly exposing the one track politics of the SNP.

RT @PoliticsRocks_: Well said by the young man on #BBCQT @BBC telling @theSNP to get on with governing Scotland instead of pointing the figure elsewhere for #Brexit and pushing for #IndyRef2 - loudest applause in the room!! @JohnSwinney couldn’t even defend their position #EUelections2019

RT @AndyEMorrison: @Kirstene4Angus is spot on the money on #bbcqt. Voting Conservative is the only way to respect both Referendums, move on from navel gazing constitutional politics, and get back to the key issues such as improving Scotland’s schools, hospitals and building more homes.