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RT @devisridhar: In today’s briefings, FM @NicolaSturgeon says that ‘circuit-breaker’ is also to protect schools so they can remain full-time & give young people as much normality & interaction as possible. Children should come first.

RT @NicolaSturgeon: 1/ Today’s numbers show a continued increase, including in % positive. While this reflects the substantial opening up of the economy, it reminds us of the need to deploy strong counter measures. We have two main tools at our disposal...

RT @KevinStewartSNP: Pleased at today’s #PfG that a new £10 million fund will be part of a package to support people struggling to pay their rent due to financial difficulty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.…

Today’s GERS official statistics show that the Union is more valuable than ever. It shows the case for independence has never been weaker. However, the SNP will spend the day denying facts from their own government. No surprise their then.

RT @Mike_Blackley: RT @Mike_Blackley: SNP’s chilling threat to free speech: today’s Scottish Daily Mail front page.

RT @jasonleitch: Today’s big news. A NEW helpline if you’re in a high risk group and can’t get the support you need from family, friends or neighbours. 👇🏼

RT @offtheballbbc: Wow! What a response we got from our listeners to one of today’s lunchtime guests - Professor Jason Leitch. Here’s the first of two parts as he answers our listeners questions about Coronavirus. Podcast for more ➡️

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RT @NeilBibby: Too many Scots are underemployed & today’s stats show Scotland’s employment rate still trails the UK by 1.5%. The tax base must grow to provide more for public services. Scotland needs a proper economic strategy to create quality jobs, raise living standards & increase revenues.

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RT @ScotParl: @ColinSmythMSP posed the following question on #ScotRail fare increases to the First Minister during today’s session of #FMQs Find out how this question was answered on SPTV 📺

RT @PLinEdinburgh: Thank you to everyone attending today’s concert organized to mark the resigning of #Edinburgh and #Kraków partnership agreement, including @ArkadyRzegocki @LordProvostEdin @krakow_pl @Edinburgh_CC @BenMacpherson @PLinEdinburgh The celebrations will continue tomorrow!