All deleted tweets from politicians

💬 In today’s #BusinessQuestions I asked for an update from the Government regarding what action they were undertaking to support the UK steel industry throughout this pandemic. 🏭🏗⚙️🔧

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

My comment to Matt Hancock this week in today’s Times Off to see him to persuade him of merits of recommending as additional tool to combat #VitaminD next week Email if anything you’d like me to drop into the conversation - @DavidDavisMP coming good

ChukaUmunna (Labour) tweeted :

‘’ESG sceptics rely on straw men to discredit change” ➡️ my piece in today’s @FT paper #ESG #esginvesting #sustainablefinance #stakeholdercapitalism #responsiblebusiness

Exam question: Read in sequence this thread from @JolyonMaugham, today’s reports of @RobertJenrick handing over planning controls to developers & then the article on the shelling out of millions before election to Tory marginals. Discuss: standards in public life under Johnson

Thank you to the all staff at @tmbc_places tonight. With the flash flooding after today’s heavy deluges they’re still out across Audenshaw, Denton and Dukinfield (and other parts of the borough) trying to resolve problems across the area and helping residents where they can.

Kerry McCarthy (Labour) tweeted :

So today’s #30DaysWild was stopping off in St James Park on the way home to watch a football and her two babies swimming around (couldn’t get a decent photo!) Also saw two foxes - one boldly running up the Mall and another crossing Rotten Row.

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

Thanks Helen, we in Labour are pushing as hard as we can on this. In today’s Observer he argues there needs to be 2nd wave of suppprt for sectors like yours… that the state steps in to save to avert going bust

Thinking about the families of those killed in today’s attack in London, those who have been injured injured, and the police, emergency services and members of the public who bravely and selflessly intervened to help.

Neil Findlay MSP (Labour) tweeted :

Good piece in today’s Herald telling it like it is not as some would wish it is…

Diana Johnson (Labour) tweeted :

My comments on the urgent need to combat domestic abuse following today’s @HouseofCommons debate on the Domestic Abuse Bill.