All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @NicolaSturgeon: 1/ Today’s numbers show a continued increase, including in % positive. While this reflects the substantial opening up of the economy, it reminds us of the need to deploy strong counter measures. We have two main tools at our disposal...

RT @_lisadouglas: Massive good luck to @tprwills for today’s by-election in Shetland. The SNP teams have put in a massive effort and should be incredibly proud of all their hard work #VoteSNP #voteTom #Shetlandbyelection

RT @bobservant: Apologies to all at today’s Broughty Ferry kids nativity at which I played a rogueish Roman Emperor. While I only forgot to wear one figleaf, I accept it was the most important figleaf of all and it’s no-show left many of you upset and confused. That is not the man/Emperor I am.

RT @bobservant: I’d like to apologise to anyone offended by today’s “School’s Out!” event on the van While I will go to my grave convinced I got a lot of things right with my fun schoolboy outfit, I accept that my shorts failed in their duties in a manner that left many of you upset and confused