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💬 In today’s #BusinessQuestions I asked for an update from the Government regarding what action they were undertaking to support the UK steel industry throughout this pandemic. 🏭🏗⚙️🔧

Stephen Kinnock (Labour) tweeted :

In today’s South Wales Evening Post I explain why it is communities such as those in our #Aberavon constituency who will pay the price for the cuts and pay freezes announced in the last week's Spending Review.

RT @LizMcInnes60: Today’s the day. The Ballot for #LabourNEC begins. Please vote for @TribuneMPs candidates @TheresaEurope @paulasherriff @LizMcInnes60. We’ll be a strong voice for @UKLabour members and we’ll work to get Labour back into Government. #WorktoWin🌹

Rupa Huq MP (Labour) tweeted :

My comment to Matt Hancock this week in today’s Times Off to see him to persuade him of merits of recommending as additional tool to combat #VitaminD next week Email if anything you’d like me to drop into the conversation - @DavidDavisMP coming good

ChukaUmunna (Labour) tweeted :

‘’ESG sceptics rely on straw men to discredit change” ➡️ my piece in today’s @FT paper #ESG #esginvesting #sustainablefinance #stakeholdercapitalism #responsiblebusiness

ChukaUmunna (Labour) tweeted :

‘’ESG sceptics reply on straw men to discredit change” ➡️ my piece in today’s @FT paper #ESG #esginvesting #sustainablefinance #stakeholdercapitalism #responsiblebusiness

RT @lewis_goodall: RT @lewis_goodall: Shouldn’t forget: today’s announcement did not apply to BTEC students.

Wes Streeting MP (Labour) tweeted :

From today’s Telegeaph: ‘Ending the Government's furlough scheme will go down as one of the biggest policy mistakes in modern British history’ .@RishiSunak can’t say he wasn’t warned. We warned him again and again and again.…

Exam question: Read in sequence this thread from @JolyonMaugham, today’s reports of @RobertJenrick handing over planning controls to developers & then the article on the shelling out of millions before election to Tory marginals. Discuss: standards in public life under Johnson

RT @jessicamordenmp: 💬 In today’s questions to the chancellor about the summer statement I raised research from @StepChange and urged the Government to adopt a strategy to help those with unavoidable coronavirus-related financial difficulties as part of a wider plan for economic recovery 📈