All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @LabourRichard: RT @LabourRichard: Say what you like about Jo Swinson, but she’s got more experience serving in a Tory government than Boris Johnson. #bbcqt

RT @missinpeopleSA: RT @missinpeopleSA: Please help by Retweeting for awareness. She’s been missing for more than 2 years now ◽◽

RT @darrengrimes_: Shadow Foreign Secretary says she will help secure a new deal with the EU and then vote against it anyway as she’s pro-Remain – what’s the bloody point?! Isn’t it time Labour were honest with the public and told them they don’t give a fig about the Brexit vote or voters? #BBCQT…

RT @ibraheem_batta: All that matters now is that she’s save. Thank you everyone for putting pressure on the people/organizations who needed to be pressured. She’s moving on with her life now. Peace.

RT @ibraheem_batta: RT @ibraheem_batta: Update: She did it. She did it. She’s safe. Alhumdulilah. Thank you Twitter.

RT @tarajaneoreilly: RT @tarajaneoreilly: Also can we get @JadeFrancesAzim over the 10k followers mark? She’s 15 away and it’s stressing me tf out x

RT @jamie1988_: Talking to people like Carol makes canvassing in the cold all worth it. She’s voted @UKLabour all her life but because of @jeremycorbyn and the dither on Brexit she’s voting @Conservatives @BorisJohnson @nadhimzahawi this time.

RT @0rientsupporter: RT @0rientsupporter: @Harry__Harlow @david_newey @EmmaLewellBuck She’s popular locally accepts brexit as does the locals

RT @JayDown9: RT @JayDown9: @phil_tri @ThangamMP @UKLabour Yes we will remember she’s a fantastic mp and reward her with another four years!!!

RT @saffaborn: RT @saffaborn: @BBCSport @BBCTwo She’s looking for Caster to blame but can’t find her