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RT @HadleyFreeman: I know this is all terrible. But there’s something to be said for watching the whole country come together against something that isn’t the virus

Ian Austin (Labour) retweeted @d4nf0x :

RT @d4nf0x: Very distressed to read of how Corbyn and his team internally sabotaged Labour’s 2019 general election campaign. Hope there’s a full independent inquiry soon. Aides feared Jeremy Corbyn was sabotaging his own campaign in Labour’s chaotic ride to disaster…

Barry Gardiner (Labour) tweeted :

“So if your manifesto says it, there’s no need to have it in the legislation?” Is that really the strongest argument you’ve got

RT @leicesterliz: If there’s one thing that should come out of the #COVIDー19 crisis it is reforming social care. This is the challenge of our generation and @UKLabour is determined to seize it. My interview this evening on @Channel4News

After years of hostility to even the use of the word reparations, there’s now potentially a door opening to enable serous discussion & policy making on this. Progress in Rhodes statue campaign whilst Johnson scraps DFID show this fight could go either way.…

RT @anandMenon1: RT @anandMenon1: I reckon there’s a valid position between ‘this country is shit’ and ‘this country is perfect’.

RT @rmperry1978: @gerardpatrick @angelaeagle Surely there’s a rule that covers this? You must have to have a minimum number of MP’s debating and voting in parliament for anything to pass?!

RT @UKLabour: RT @UKLabour: There’s no planet B, we need to take of our oceans today. #WorldOceansDay

RT @UKLabour: RT @UKLabour: There’s no planet B, we need to take of our oceans today. #WorldOceansDay

RT @Channel4News: “There’s probably been 40,000 excess deaths that could have been avoided.” Former Chief Scientific Advisor Sir David King says the government’s handling of the epidemic has been “disastrous”, adding it is “too early” to start lifting lockdown.