All deleted tweets from politicians

John Steenhuisen MP (DA) tweeted :

I’m really enjoying speaking to DA public representatives about my plan to fix the DA and to fix SA. There’s a renewed sense of hope in our party and in our country and very encouraged by the positive feedback. If you haven’t seen it yet you can on

RT @MikeLakeMP: Seamus is a nice guy. Great with words. But listen closely to what he actually says here: After 5 years, there’s NO plan. Until there is one, investors don’t ‘know what direction we’re heading in.’ Canada desperately needs leadership. Instead, we just get words. #cdnpoli…

@The_EA_Insider @carolhart79 Always happy to assist constituents in these matters, but if there’s a wider issue I can also look to see if can be raised in the appropriate way.

So there’s some impressive days-old-but-still-rumbling-on Twitter snark about whether a majority exists for a Corbyn led government in this parliament. The Corbynistas say there would be if the Lib Dems vote for him. (1/5)

RT @owenhatherley: RT @owenhatherley: I just published There’s a Starmer Waiting in the Sky…

RT @forgetcape: “Is the UK racist” is such a non discussion. The prime minister said racist things and was elected overwhelmingly. There’s racism on tele and in the paper most days. Is the whole country racist, almost certainly not. Is racism allowed to thrive, absolutely.

RT @DrPAhad: There’s science behind resilience we can use to help kids dealing w toxic #stress & #trauma, especially in war zones. We have the capability to measure #resilience by how kids’ brains, immune systems, and genes respond to stressful experiences. #therapy…

There’s less crime getting in it wrong doing what you believe in than in getting it right doing what you don’t believe in.

RT @JustinTrudeau: There’s a strong link between women’s meaningful involvement in peace operations & achieving sustainable peace. It’s why we launched the Elsie Initiative, which is increasing the number of women peacekeepers. And today in Dakar, we spoke about what else we can do to support them.