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Angela Smith (Labour) tweeted :

There’s just over two weeks to let the people of Altrincham & Sale West know why I'm the best candidate to serve them as their MP. There are so many ways you can help me achieve this. One crucial way is to donate:

Easy to forget during the heat of an election battle that there’s more that unites us than divides us and I can agree with all of this from @Adamprice

Amidst the debilitating drought in northern NSW, there’s amazing #AgTech activity at @unetweets.

@Paulschilis That is a gradual redistribution to bring us back to the levels of forestry we had in 2002. There’s no Govt policy encouraging high-value pastoral land to be planted in pine trees. Much of what’s circulating is based on misinformation the opposition is helping to spread.

RT @Keir_Starmer: RT @Keir_Starmer: There’s a pattern to Johnson’s contact with the public. And a reason for it ....…

Had the chance to say THANK YOU to oncology staff at Warwick hospital, with @jackmrankin Rankin There’s been an 8.9% increase in the number of people seen within two weeks for an urgent cancer check. 175,000 people were seen within two weeks - the highest number ever.

Ok, chat about a clock tower ◽ There’s a town at the bottom Merchant City, which leads to Glasgow Green... close? ◽◽‍♀️◽ #treasurehunt

RT @JaclynSymes: RT @JaclynSymes: @Warwick_Long Just give them the money; there’s plenty of data to back it up!

RT @KaranveerPannu: RT @KaranveerPannu: If there was a zombie outbreak in Canada there’s only one leader I’d feel safe with. #JagmeetSingh #SinghSurge https:…

RT @michaelsavage: RT @michaelsavage: Tusk: “if there’s a request for an extension I would consult member states on how to react.” Very much not a blanket “n…