All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @haveigotnews: RT @haveigotnews: Live scenes as the BBC prepares for Nigel Farage’s 34th Question Time appearance:

RT @Anna_Soubry: RT @Anna_Soubry: He’s right - @NickBoles @Channel4News “Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is Nigel Farage’s Brexit deal” Vote #RemainAlliance #…

RT @lewis_goodall: A lot of people at Sedgefield racecourse for Farage’s first rally since the announcement of the “unilateral leave alliance.” But I’ve been to a lot of these things and I haven’t been to many with empty seats. Danger for BXP now is that the air just drains from their balloon.

RT @MarkDiStef: NEW: Channel 4 has one of Nigel Farage’s Brexit party MEPs admitting, after initially denying, she worked for Cambridge Analytica during the fake news-marred 2017 Kenyan election.