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Fmr. Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Peterborough.

@SpeakerKnope @bellesmusiq Ahh okay. So I can appreciate that as there have now been 2 MP's for Peterborough North since me, I am still a former MP though as I was in office from 2017 - 2019 for Peterborough North

In Peterborough, £14m will fund a new research ‘super-hub’ at the university, with the aim of creating innovation-led growth and high-value jobs for the city. @PaulBristow (4/6)…

David Lammy (Labour) tweeted :

From age 12, I spent half of my school years in Peterborough. It is vital that manufacturing businesses in towns like this across the country are supported. The government must take a more flexible approach before it is too late.

RT @paulbristow79: Brilliant hosting @JamesCleverly and @PCCCambs Jason Ablewhite in #Peterborough. We went to Central Park and heard reports of crime and drug dealing. I made the case for Peterborough’s fair share of the new 20,000 police officers @BorisJohnson has pledged.#proudofpeterborough