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This is Ellie. She’s voting for the @Conservatives because she wants to: 📉 keep unemployment down 📈 continue economic growth ✅ invest in our 👩‍⚕️ and 👮‍♀️ ⛔️ stop Corbyn ruining the UK 🇬🇧 get Brexit done #youngConservativevoters @elliewheatley11

RT @HighburyHead12: At 6am my run buddy collapsed-heart attack. Within 8mins ambulance arrived. It's now lunch,she’s had an angioplasty,stents put in & is chunnering away😊 Amazing staff. They didn’t check for insurance & they won’t give her a bill 👏This is our NHS👏 Thankyou for saving my friend💕

RT @samiakhan183: If you haven’t met @NJLahori yet YOU MUST! She’s such a great energy to surround yourself with! And of course the two gentlemen! Thanks for your time out too! @yarjan_baloch @fkkundi