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RT @CLaidlaw: RT @CLaidlaw: Appears some people are yet to learn that negative campaigning isn’t particularly effective...

@KevinJPringle It would be sad if it were true but it isn’t. Best to read all of the speech which included a significant section on federalism and constitutional reform. I am sure @STVColin will confirm that.

Lisa Nandy (Labour) tweeted :

Big change isn’t handed down from on high. It only comes when we work together. I need your help to talk to thousands of members over the next few weeks:

RT @lewis_goodall: Beyond the headlines, as I reported last month, the govt isn’t really proposing a comprehensive Australian style points based system. This is essentially Theresa May’s immigration proposals with a points element grafted on to the top.…

RT @CitySamuel: The EU isn’t asking much. All they want is a legal guarantee that nothing about the UK will ever change in a way they can’t control, and in return they continue to sell us billions and billions of euros more goods than we sell them. It’s a fair offer.

Hala Naoum Nehme (vvd) tweeted :

"Their story demonstrates why gentrification isn’t the plague it’s often made out to be. It has benefited working-class families who invested in dicey neighborhoods, labored to improve them and now stand to realize substantial gains"…

This government and no.10 isn’t being run by Boris Johnson, it’s been run by Cummings and co.

Internet safety isn’t just for one day. Thanks to @BBC for really interesting convo re rating and filtering materials on streaming services and social media. All eyes on new UK Online Harm Bill. My focus on materials for new Welsh school curriculum #internetsafetyday

RT @rohini_sgh: This is why Republic or it’s ‘reporters’ can’t be ignored. The channel isn’t doing ‘bad journalism’ but inciting hate and violence through deliberate misreporting and lies. This isn’t bad. It’s criminal. It’s murderous.

RT @grhutchens: "The appalling response to this crisis in Australia isn’t an aberration." The people in power will let your country burn… via @outline