All deleted tweets from politicians

@salvo1279 Your comment is about to be hidden. I need to see a pattern. There’s a method to my madness. Trust me.

RT @TheAnfieldWrap: "You’ve got a choice here. So has the manager. So, frankly, have the players. There’s more than one choice. "Choose your own adventure. Choose your own review." ✍️ @Knox_Harrington's Review... Read here 👉 Get our app 👉

RT @sheffield_tug: RT @sheffield_tug: So there’s social distancing and there’s social distancing with a view ◽◽ Agden Bradfield

RT @sheffield_tug: Harry this is school boy politics. When you know there’s something in a report that’s bad for you so you let it be known before it’s released that the Russians tried to help the opposition @BorisJohnson and #dominiccummings must think the public is really stupid 🤔😂

nomfup (italia) retweeted @ShaunBaileyUK :

RT @ShaunBaileyUK: There’s only one bake-off tonight. So take a look at the #GreatLondonBakeOff now — with special guests @SadiqKhan and @EstherMcVey1. You don’t want to miss this showstopper. #GBBO

RT @SissGugu: There’s a group from outside of Africa, they send inboxes to people & they detail how you may have evil spirits & spells that they can help remove. Bathi you can remove it by meeting them. Please be careful. Ask your healer first before you believe anything coming from anyone.

RT @Dionne_DrumGirl: A way to make lockdown a little less boring... go listen to @VERCESBAND new song “There’s always tomorrow”. If you like it, please share it!! 💖

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RT @molszyns: @andrew_leach @DavidStaplesYEG @maxfawcett Fortunately, there’s an easy way to resolve this. The expert panel review that preceded Bill C-69 actually recommended an independent, quasi-judicial tribunal that wld make project decisions subject to limited appeal. I assume you were in favour David?…

‘And this Internal Market Bill, is just the start’ - now there’s a threat of every I heard one.

RT @oz_f: There’s a viral hoax message doing the rounds claiming the PM is about to shutdown the country. It’s a direct copy of Malaysia’s announcement. It isn’t true, please let people know if you see it