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RT @PRASA_Group: 📋PRESS STATEMENT 📋 In case you missed today’s Media Briefing (PRASA POSITION ON KEY ISSUES) Find it here at your fingertips 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 @Makhosini

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RT @NeilBibby: Too many Scots are underemployed & today’s stats show Scotland’s employment rate still trails the UK by 1.5%. The tax base must grow to provide more for public services. Scotland needs a proper economic strategy to create quality jobs, raise living standards & increase revenues.

RT @ArticulateDinos: Well said @ElizabethMay Clarity. For further clarity see today’s @washingtonpost Opinion Piece by @WordsandGuitar Alicia Elliot Considered historically, Canada & BC have inflicted a gaping Constitutional wound, perpetuating the State’s Colonial legacy @LeahGazan @RussDiabo

RT @BenPBradshaw: .@sajidjavid admits to me that today’s #cycling announcement will fund a paltry 250 miles of new cycle routes for the whole country. @AndyBurnhamGM is building 1,800 miles in Manchester alone. @WeAreCyclingUK @ExeterCycling @citycyclists

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RT @_LFI: LFI’s response to today’s announcement from Donald Trump: “Only direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians - ones that will involve compromise and painful concessions by both sides - can lead to a lasting peace. This plan clearly fails that test”

RT @IvankaTrump: RT @IvankaTrump: Recap ◽ on today’s historic White House Summit on combatting Human Trafficking.

RT @SaketGokhale: Today’s firing was a planned act by Amit Shah to remove protestors. Chronology samjhiye: He tried it at Shaheen Bagh 2 days ago by sending gunmen. He got it done at Jamia today. Meanwhile he also fed “reports” of how protests are “polarizing people”. Textbook Maanyavar.

RT @ABVPVoice: Today’s Press Conference by Delhi Police has asserted what we have been saying since JNU violence erupted - that it is the #LeftBehindJNUViolence!

RT @ElliotKett: Hello Twitterers, I’ll be live tweeting today’s @RSAEvents lunchtime lecture ‘A new roadmap to eco-politics’ with @jon_bartley @fbrantner @RSAMatthew. Join the conversation with #RSAclimate