All deleted tweets from politicians

Lisa Nandy (Labour) tweeted :

She’s against the Empire in Star Wars & in the U.K. Honours system. British actor @thandienewton is right to say you should not be forced to have ‘Empire’ within the British honours list.…

RT @MikePrysner: Warren team is justifying staying in the race because her attack on Bloomberg in the debates means she’s “still in this thing” and will surge in places like Texas with high delegate counts. Since the debate Warren has dropped 1 point and Bloomberg surged 12 points

@arichmondScot @ruth_wishart @AngelaCrawley30 She’s the first ‘friendly’ journalist to buy into the idea that ‘some’ MPs are getting a ‘bit comfortable’ at Westminster. Nothing could be further from the truth.

RT @bealejonathan: Congrats to Capt Rosie Wild of 7RHA. She’s the first woman to pass the gruelling P Company course. Here she is getting her beret after proving she’s nails

Every passing crisis tends to make you appreciate the Queen, and how she’s performed her role, that bit more. #Harry&Meghan

@ItsMeGeraint @jessphillips Haha many others did. I will make it clear once I have endorsed someone!! Lol. She’s not top of my list, atm but neither is she bottom! However, outside of our political bubble, people see things differently to us and that was what my observation was about really.