All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @anandMenon1: RT @anandMenon1: I reckon there’s a valid position between ‘this country is shit’ and ‘this country is perfect’.

RT @rmperry1978: @gerardpatrick @angelaeagle Surely there’s a rule that covers this? You must have to have a minimum number of MP’s debating and voting in parliament for anything to pass?!

RT @JoelBakerMusic: RT @JoelBakerMusic: @SharonHodgsonMP wonder if there’s something we can do ◽◽ It’s such a broken system

RT @ryancapperauld: RT @ryancapperauld: There’s going to be a sharp increase in cases of #COVID19 according to FM @NicolaSturgeon . Figures will be released at…